Samsara ELD Review – Features, Cost and Ratings

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Samsara ELD Review – Features, Cost and Ratings

Although this is not one of our best ELD solutions, Samsara offers small and medium business owners and fleet managers a wide range of equipment, from vehicle trackers to in-vehicle recorders, so you can see accidents from a driver’s perspective. This can provide third party liability insurance coverage in the event of an accident. As a true real-time telematics solution, Samsara can give you an idea of how your fleet works.

Samsara is a relatively young company founded in 2015 by MIT researchers, but its entry into the telematics arena has allowed it to build a service that meets virtually all fleet tracking needs. The company’s platform is one of the few that can be monitored in seconds. Many telematics services offer “real time” tracking, which is actually the shortest way to update information that can happen at least once every three minutes.

According to a report published in 2018 in the CCJ (Commercial Carrier Journal), Samsara is winning 1,700 major customers quarterly. In addition, there are ambitious growth plans and you can see how the company is strengthening its position as a leading provider of fleet management services.

Samsara’s success depends on a combination of intuitive and easy-to-use software and intelligent hardware. GPS tracking, asset tracking, temperature recording, video recording and ELD compliance devices collect stacks of data that are sent back to your device’s software platform, giving you a complete overview of your company’s activities on the road.

But is this the right system for you? In this report, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, from different hardware options to multiple software features.

About Samsara

The Samsara ELD was founded in 2015. Samsara ELD and a provider of fleet management solutions are working diligently to provide commercial vehicle drivers with reliable sensor data.

For many years, this supplier’s equipment has enabled carriers to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations, regardless of the size of their fleet.

This can be explained by the accuracy of the data, warnings and functionality of the electronic log and software.

With Samsara ELD, you have a range of features and tools to help you improve the efficiency and safety of your vehicles while reducing costs.

The main purpose of this supplier is to help companies, from transportation and logistics companies to food and beverage companies and construction companies, get the best sensor data for their vehicles.

With back office equipment and ELD tools in Samsara, you can not only better organize your fleet, but also improve the quality, safety and efficiency of your fleet.

What does Samsara ELD Costs

Samsara charges $99 in advance and a monthly fee of $33 per unit. If you sign the mandatory three-year contract, the total cost per truck will be $1,287.

Reviews About Samsara ELD

Do you currently have problems complying with the ELD requirements or are you just having trouble effectively managing the various vehicles in your fleet? If so, you should try this product.

From real-time telematics to wireless sensors, dash security cameras, trailers and a range of document sharing features, Samsara ELD is truly revolutionary.

As your business moves from operator to large fleets, you need a solution that makes your life easier, right? ELD is based on GPS and a number of other built-in sensors that provide you and your drivers with real-time traffic information.

This information makes it easier to plan the best routes for your vehicles. This saves you time and increases customer satisfaction, efficiency and fleet safety.

In addition, the product collects information about fuel waste, breakdowns, vehicle characteristics and unnecessary stops. If you’re still wondering why so many drivers and fleet managers prefer Samsara ELD to other products, read on.

The Main Advantage of Samsara ELD

Today, there are many affordable ELD-compatible devices on the market. However, getting a foothold in the freight industry will require much more than just compliance.

Essentially, you need a device that goes beyond logging and makes it easier to manage and plan your fleet on a daily basis.

Samsara ELD is designed to help you do this, among other things. Based on the large number of trips and fleet managers who have tried this product, ELD has a number of advantages that can offer, including

  • Relatively easy to use
  • Modern and intuitive design
  • Easy installation of “Plug & Play” hardware.
  • Reliable telephone support based in the United States
  • There is no need to install complex software.
  • The solution is based on cloud technology.
  • More secure and scalable
  • Role-based administration
  • User-defined hierarchies
  • Can be extended up to 10,000 vehicles
  • With a full range of IT equipment and back office functions and tools,
  • Samsara has been able to offer an excellent return on investment for fleets in the country.

Features of Samsara ELD

In addition to a remarkable return on investment, this product has a number of useful features and tools that can be offered. Actually, this is one of the advantages.

Compared to other products of the same price range, Samsara ELD offers a wider range of features and software tools for your company.

Below are some of the exceptional and very advantageous features you can expect from your Samsara ELD solution.

ELD Compliance

Regardless of the number of features offered by your preferred ELD solution provider, it is sufficient if they meet the requirements of the ELD mandate. Otherwise, you risk your company’s reputation with the authorities.

At best, you’ll get away with a fine if you have the wrong device. With Samsara ELD, you don’t have to worry about compliance.

As far as ELD compliance is concerned, the device is FMCSA certified to meet these requirements. In addition, the product has many other features that go beyond registration and provide you with complete and useful data to optimize your business operations.

In general, Samsara has designed this device to allow you to comply with regulations for about half the cost of traditional ELD devices.

Samsara Dash Cameras

In terms of safety and responsibility, the Dash Cams offered by this supplier differentiate them from their competitors.

In this context, you can view this ELD tool as an advanced product security element that provides you with computer vision and artificial intelligence in your vehicles.

How many more managers and fleet owners do you need to monitor and hear in the field for each of your vehicles, right? Well, Samsara ELD allows you to do just that.

To do this, Samsara equipment includes a dual-sided HD Dash Camera and a front panel HD Dash Camera.

By properly installing these cams in your car’s cab, you will be able to monitor and check some of the things associated with your cars.

The cameras work by capturing images of incidents and automatically loading them into the cloud.

This will help you take care of several aspects of your business, including

  • Monitor close-ups, distractions and HD video collisions.
  • The cams automatically detect and flag driver behavioral abnormalities, minimizing the number of accidents.
  • Assistance in determining responsibility in accident investigation
  • Allows you to identify high-risk drivers in your fleet and train them for greater safety.

Document Capturing and Sharing

This is one of the innovative features and capabilities of this product that you will appreciate. With Samsara ELD, you no longer need to manually scan, sort and archive various documents in your company.

Instead, you can use the device to download and access documents with stamped timestamps from the central office. With this device, drivers can take photos of documents such as waybills, bills of lading and fuel receipts from their smartphone or tablet.

The system automatically uploads this information to the cloud in real time so that fleet managers can view it from their dashboards. Samsara ELD also allows you to connect transportation management, order management and/or business planning systems to your platform.

In this case, you benefit from an open vendor API. This feature allows you to easily enter the necessary documents into the system when you need them.

You’ll also find it useful when editing payrolls, billing customers and other processes in your fleet. These features and capabilities of Samsara ELD have proven effective in improving customer service for transportation companies.

GPS Monitoring

Like some of the major products in its range, Samsara ELD has some of the best GPS sensors in the industry.

This allows you to track the location of your vehicles in real time. With this high-performance GPS sensor, in addition to several other sensors used in this device, it provides important information about the driver and the vehicle.

For example, the gadget monitors the position of vehicles in real time and gives you the ability to monitor them from a helicopter. The product also provides you with information about the use, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and remote characteristics of installed vehicles.

Thanks to the extensive data provided by ELD, you will be able to make more informed decisions for the entire fleet.

Reefer Monitoring

You have probably already noticed that Samsara ELD is unique in its character.

As a result, the product offers you features that you are unlikely to get from your competitors. One of these features is the control of the unit’s cooler.

The ELD combines two-way cooler control with instant alerts and wireless sensors to provide better control and visibility of your fleet.

In terms of compliance with FSMA requirements, the device provides continuous temperature recording, which is not necessary.

It also allows manual monitoring of the temperature of the paper logs. These features facilitate compliance with the requirements of the FSMA.

Thanks to these characteristics, the device can provide temperature data in POD documents (proof of delivery). In this way, you have significantly improved your company’s customer service.

If the temperature is outside the specified range, the unit will send a warning in due course. This gives you all the time you need to react and avoid damage caused by the temperature of the cargo.

With this permanent temperature control system, you can show your customers that you have taken care of their loads with confidence.

This greatly improves customer satisfaction in your company.

Wi-Fi Access Points

While many advanced ELD systems with bring your own device (BYOD) require you to pay for mobile data, Samsara ELD does not. In fact, the product offers a WLAN access point in the cab for drivers of vehicles equipped with an ELD device.

This not only saves you money on data transfer from your mobile phone, but also has a number of other advantages that you can offer your company. The product gives you 500 MB of data per month per truck.

No matter how you look at it, it guarantees you an increase in the productivity of your fleet in different ways. For example, it allows drivers to deploy high-performance applications such as CRM, work assignments, HD video, messaging and email from their mobile devices.

Each GPS gateway from this provider has an integrated Wi-Fi access point, eliminating the need for additional investment in fleet equipment and contracts with operators.

With free Wi-Fi data from this provider, your drivers also have a reliable and fast 4G LTE connection in their cabs. This will allow them to stream HD video recorded by cameras in their car cabins.

Dispatch and Routing Functionalities

In addition to ELD monitoring and compliance functions, Samsara ELD is also ideal for fleet management, particularly for fleet planning and planning. Once this ELD is installed, you don’t need to call your drivers from time to time to find out where they are.

Instead, the product constantly gives you the real-time location of each truck at any given time. The product also allows you to exchange tracking data in real time to prevent drivers from requesting a route.

Ready to go with Samsara ELD?

Although some of the best ELD platforms available today are affordable, few are as versatile as Samsara ELD. In addition to compliance and registration, the device allows you to control various aspects of the vehicle’s operation.

Whether it’s location tracking, temperature monitoring, vehicle diagnostics, timely alerts or reliable communication channels, this product is certainly a good choice for you.

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