Gorilla Safety ELD Review – Features, Pricing & Ratings

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Gorilla Safety ELD Review – Features, Pricing & Ratings

Gorilla Safety is a new player in ELD and fleet management industry. It was founded in November 2013 as a company specializing in fleet safety and risk management. The founders launched a joint safety company with modules designed to help fleets obtain CSA scores, investigate accidents, repair and maintenance programs, and train drivers. When the ELD requirements were published, Gorilla was one of the first companies to begin full-scale development in this area and one of the first to integrate ELD with integrated fleet management solutions.

Gorilla Safety, based in Houston, was launched in early 2016 and founded in 2013 by two experienced insurance specialists. Houston-based Gorilla Safety offers the transportation industry a patented and cost-effective cloud-based software solution that automates all aspects of fleet management and security. Gorilla Safety launches the first and only easy-to-use mobile application that combines all the features required for safe and efficient management of large fleets of short and long distances. The company’s advanced solution helps fleets to quickly and easily adapt to legal requirements for electronic logging devices (ELDs).

The Gorilla Safety App has many features that allow users to better manage their business, increase productivity, increase profitability and reduce insurance premiums – all quickly and easily from a single source.

Gorilla Safety Company Overview

Gorilla Safety-a leading provider of patented and innovative fleet management and security software, provides a cloud-based fleet management and ELD solution.

Thanks to its functionality, this product offers owners, drivers and fleet managers much more than just ELD compliance.

With the Gorilla Safety ELD, you can control operating costs, increase productivity, improve SAFER results, optimize efficiency, reduce insurance premiums, increase profits and improve the safety of your fleet.

This vendor’s ELD solution is mainly offered in 3 main components: ELD, mobile application for Android and iOS and web control panel.

Together, these components provide a set of features specifically designed to integrate all aspects of your fleet performance and security management on a single platform.

Here are some of the key features of this ELD solution:

  • Electronic time recording (HOS)
  • Performing closed loop checks
  • Using real-time reports to monitor accidents
  • GPS fleet stock monitoring
  • Monitoring of vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption
  • Development and storage of key documents
  • Compliance with ELD’s mandate
  • Transmit relevant data to authorized and authorized users
  • Decrease in the value of insurance claims

Gorilla Safety ELD Benefits


Although all ELD devices are designed primarily to meet the requirements of the FMCSA, each of the products available today has a number of unique advantages.

As one of the industry’s best electronic data loggers, Gorilla Safety ELD offers a number of benefits for truck drivers, owners, fleet managers and dispatchers.

Some of the benefits of this fleet management solution ELD are as follows:

1. Durability

One of the things you’ll love about this product is the robust design of the ELD hardware device. This product is designed to withstand various load conditions and is extremely robust.

In terms of design, Gorilla Safety ELDs are compact and very portable.

These devices are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of heavy traffic. As proof of quality, these ELDs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In this context, you have the guarantee that all low quality ELDs will be replaced by the manufacturer.

2. Affordability

Despite the highest quality, ELD devices from this supplier are considered inexpensive and affordable. Compared to ELD solutions of the same quality, you will find that Gorilla Safety ELDs are relatively cheaper to buy and maintain.

To purchase ELD installation equipment, you need to pay $175 in advance. In addition, you must pay a monthly fee of between $24 and $30 depending on the ELD premium service you wish to receive.

Having considered the tools and capabilities of this solution for risk management, ELD compliance and fleet management, you will realize that it is worth every penny.

3. Time Saving

Manually tracking work time records can be a complex and time-consuming task. As you know, vans are often under pressure. Since you have to keep up with the set schedules, you will find that late deliveries tend to have a negative impact on your business.

For example, delays in delivery can lead to customer losses, a bad reputation among customers and even fines. To save drivers and fleet managers time, this ELD solution automates some important tasks and provides additional services.

This allows them to focus on other important tasks and aspects of the business. In the long run, this will ultimately improve your company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

4. Easy To Use

Another thing that many truck drivers, fleet owners and managers value for these devices is their ease of use. For example, the ELD application and the supplier’s web platform are relatively easy to understand and use by both drivers and fleet managers.

In addition, the ELD system is easy to install and use. Installation of this product does not require any technical knowledge.

5. Risk Management

Any driver or fleet manager currently using Gorilla Safety ELD will tell you that this is much more than just an electronic logging device. Gorilla Safety differs from its competitors in that it offers its customers risk management services.

Some of the risk management services you can get from this ELD service provider include accident investigation and document management. These services are designed to ensure the safety of your employees and the entire fleet.


Like other popular ELD products, Gorilla Safety ELD has a number of drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages associated with this product are as follows:

  • Lack of basic but important functions and features, such as engine fault codes.

Gorilla Safety ELD Main Features

A distinctive feature of this ELD solution from competitors is its unique characteristics and capabilities.

As you will see below, this ELD is equipped with many innovative and relevant tools and features. Below we will discuss some of the features that you will surely like about this product.

1. Risk Management

This is probably one of the best features of Gorilla Safety ELDs. Currently, the supplier is one of the best risk management service providers in the industry.

Therefore, the risk management services offered by this directive are not only innovative, but also useful for various stakeholders in the freight industry.

Below are some of the key risk management services you will receive from Gorilla Safety ELD.

Driver Trainings

The skills and competence of your drivers affect the safety of your fleet of vehicles. In this context, the gorilla safety department pays particular attention to training truck drivers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as American roads.

This program offers students a range of additional services, such as documentation, licensing, and employment opportunities.

Accident Investigation

Every time a truck accident occurs on American roads, it is often the truck driver’s fault, even if it is not. After a client’s accident happen, Gorilla Safety sends a team of investigators to determine the actual cause of the crash.

This survey is known to help truck drivers and truck owners insure and complete the legal formalities after the accident.

CSA Scores

The FMCSA uses the results of the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) assessment to determine the risk level of the driver or vehicle. Drivers and vehicles with weak CSA ratings are classified as high-risk drivers or vehicles. Such a vehicle or driver is likely to face a number of professional and legal challenges.

A poor CSA will also lead to negative attitudes towards your fleet on the part of insurers. To avoid such problems, Gorilla Safety uses a variety of measures to ensure that vehicles and drivers of your fleet maintain good CSA performance.

For example, the ELD service provider provides the driver with training materials on how to comply with various road safety regulations. In addition, the company provides driver training to ensure the highest possible standards and avoid minor road problems.

Maintenance and Repair Programs

Whether you are carrying light or heavy loads, your trucks are sensitive to mechanical problems. Since all mechanical car breakdowns cost money to repair, they are considered a liability for the company.

To avoid wasting time and expensive repairs to your vehicle, it is recommended that you have your own maintenance team in your fleet. In this context, Gorilla Safety has a dedicated team of technicians and mechanics who can be involved immediately in the event of a breakdown of the customer’s vehicle.

2. Document Management

Today, paperwork is a heavy but important part of many businesses, including transport. What would happen if you had a high school diploma that would make your administrative work easier? Yes, this is exactly what Gorilla Safety does for you.

In this context, the document management function of this device divides your documents into 4 categories: Driver’s Qualification Dossiers, Truck Dossiers, Patent Dossiers and ELD Company Dossiers.

In addition, this feature provides a simple but effective way to transfer various documents between the administration and the truck driver. This function can also be used to obtain digital signatures for various fleet documents.

3) ELD Mobile Documents

This feature is offered by the provider in the mobile application and complements the document management function on the ELD. Thanks to its functionality, the mobile document for the ELD function allows the driver to track the necessary documents.

The application provides you with a more consolidated area where you can easily document shipping documents, communication documents and waybills. With this feature, you can eliminate paperwork and focus on driving.

This feature also allows you to meet deadlines at your own discretion.

4. eDVIR and Mechanic Inspections

Many inspections can be avoided with the necessary care.

However, you can’t fix what you don’t know or don’t see, can you? To avoid such inconveniences, Gorilla Safety Mobile App offers eDVIR and mechanical control features.

With this feature you can now assess the overall condition of your vehicle. In addition, this feature allows you to monitor mechanical problems that may occur in the truck. The app informs the driver and the owner or fleet manager at any time about the condition of the vehicle.

This allows managers to solve any problems related to the vehicles in a timely manner. Thus, the driver and the vehicle can avoid unnecessary fines and penalties, which will lead to a loss of time.

5. Full GPS Tracking

Fleet management features and capabilities are other aspects that make this product unique. In this context, the ELD service provider closely monitors the customer’s vehicles with the help of eDVIR and mechanical inspections.

This technology is typically used to collect important and relevant data, including the number of inspection stops, the amount spent reading each vehicle and speed.

Using this data, you can easily optimize various aspects of your business. Over the years it has been proven that this feature helps owners avoid unnecessary waste of time and other resources in their business.

6. Web-based Dashboard

With access to the Gorilla Safety web portal, you can prove that fleet management has never been so easy. The Fleet Management Portal is equipped with large databases for archiving and retrieval of documents.

With this portal, the fleet manager can view and track important documents in real time, share important documents and digital signatures with fleet drivers.

However, this portal cannot assign unregistered driving to specific drivers.

7. Warning Messages

To ensure compliance, you should keep an eye on a few elements of the fleet. For example, you should keep an eye on the maintenance and inspection schedule. Without the right organisational measures, this will be problematic. For this reason, this ELD is equipped with an alert function.

With this feature, all you have to do is plan the various tasks and schedule them. This feature warns you that different tasks are not being performed on time. In this context, you will receive notifications of upcoming violations on your phone or computer from the various trucks in your fleet.


As you have learned, it is the unique features and benefits that make this ELD solution unique. Although the device has a simple and compact design, it is equipped with many useful features and capabilities.

Various functions of Gorilla Safety ELD are designed for more functionality, comfort and convenience. Compared to similar ELD solutions, Gorilla Safety offers the best value for money.

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