My20 ELD – Review, Features and Cost

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My20 ELD – Review, Features and Cost

Presenting My20; an ELD with a specific purpose. Whether you are an independent owner-operator or a fleet manager facing increasingly narrow margins, your Electronic Logging Device (ELD) must do more than what is available in the market today.

Konexial’s My20 ELD is a top rated ELD on Amazon and offers the industry’s best customer service. No additional hardware is required, except for your Apple or Android smartphone and the free My20 app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Konexial’s personalized customer service team is always there to help you set up and use your My20 ELD.

My20 ELD is a powerful and simple logging solution that includes all the features you need.

About Konexial

Before we start this review, we should meet with the Konexial team and see what they are standing by.

The Konexial philosophy can be described in two words: “Drive Life”. That means they are dedicated to developing technologies that make life easier for drivers. Their equipment and tools also help owners and operators improve their business.

In particular, they are committed to improving the economic, environmental, social, spiritual and physical aspects of life.

The U.S. company has extensive experience in developing services and products that connect drivers to real-time information. The goal is to improve communication, visibility and accessibility for drivers of already used devices – a mobile phone.

All About My20 ELD

My20 is a simple ELD solution that connects to the truck engine and automatically records driving time. In addition to meeting HOS requirements, this all-in-one solution can improve the overall driving experience.

My20 ELD is actually designed as a co-pilot for truck drivers. In fact, it automatically records the hours of operation (HOS), the available power and the driver’s location, which meets FMCSA requirements.

Other notable features are dynamic load matching, route mapping and navigation.

This ELD device consists of telematics software and hardware to record driver activity. This not only saves you time, but also allows you to earn more money without having to travel more miles.

How Does My20 Work?

My20 ELD is a dead simple device to use. There are only four simple steps to take:

  1. Download – First, you need to download My20 from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Installation – The next step is to install My20 equipment in your truck’s diagnostic port (ECM).
  3. Link – Then connect it to your phone via Bluetooth.
  4. Tracking – Start monitoring! Check your records, keep track of your House of Service, get awards and more.

The My20 Main Features

As a fleet manager, you should always look for ELD solutions with many features.

My20 combines high-performance, simple and powerful functions in a versatile tool that increases the potential profit of your fleet.

Here’s what you can achieve with this special solution:

  • Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)
  • Dynamic Load Matching (DLM)
  • Motor Information (error, MPG, etc.)
  • Fuel Information
  • Two-way Communication
  • GPS Tracking
  • Log Audit
  • Time
  • MY20 Rewards
  • Maps

How to Install My20?

My20 ELD is available with adapters for 6-pin ECM or OBD-II ports. A standard 9-pin ECM connector is also available. Thus, the device can be installed in any vehicle.

After downloading the My20 application, the ELD must be placed in the diagnostic port. This should not be a problem for most people. It also contains installation instructions for the device.

This electronic logging device has dimensions of 1.5 x 1.7 x 1 inch and is one of the smallest. It is so small that it is barely visible in the truck.

Is My20 ELD Best Suited for My Fleet?

The aim is to provide the dispatcher and drivers with the best data to enable them to do good work for shippers. Millions of trucks are upgrading their current logging devices. This product goes from head to toe for large fleets.

In addition to drivers and carriers, My20 is also suitable for fleet managers and independent owners and operators. It meets all fleet management requirements.

My20 App

My20 is powered by GoLoad and uses GPS data and cloud technology to help people get the most out of their e-logs. No additional equipment is required. The app can be installed and used on any Android or Apple smartphone.

Simply download the app and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. Of course, you must first install the My20 ELD in your diagnostic port.

But first of all, make sure that your phone is compatible with the My20 ELD application. Please note that it supports Android 5.0 (and above) or iOS 10.0 (and above) mobile devices.

For best results, it is recommended to use Samsung Galaxy 6 (or higher) or iPhone 6 (or higher) devices.

Many people will probably think about how to connect their ELD device to the MY20 app. The ELD status is displayed in the upper right corner of the home screen – “No ELD Connected” or “ELD Connected”. If the ELD is not connected, press to check the power supply and check if the green LED light is on.

Remember that in order to establish a connection, you must enable the device location and Bluetooth service.

Advantages of Using My20 ELD

Why is My20 preferable as compared to other ELD solutions? Simply because it offers many advantages. At some point you will earn more and spend less.

Here are the most important benefits:

  • Eliminate Paper Logs – this ELD solution is a big advantage in terms of time. Once the drivers are trained and on the road, they will stop using pens and paper. This smart device knows when a connected car stops and stops, so there is no need to change its status manually.
  • The Fuel Reward Program – The Driver Reward Program – is another thing that attracts attention. Earn points and receive rewards. Points can be earned through GoLoad programs, GoFuel purchases and 5-star ratings. You get about $0.01 per point.
  • Easy to use – My20 ELD is specifically designed for drivers and their needs. It is intuitive and easy to use. This makes it a convenient tool for every driver. Once logged in to the above application, almost everything becomes automatic. Interaction with the trucker is not required. This means you won’t be sitting at the wheel of a smartphone, allowing you to focus on the road.
  • Easily modify your logbook – Another important advantage is the ability to modify the logbook. This is useful if you want to add missing information or correct an error. However, be sure to note the reasons for these changes when making changes to the ELD record.
  • Dynamic load balancing in real time – this is made possible by the unique GoLoad feature that distinguishes the My20 ELD from other models. This allows the driver to earn more money by reducing empty kilometers.
  • Route and navigation mapping – My20 offers a choice of Google Maps, Waze and PC Miler maps. This allows drivers to find the most efficient and effective routes.
  • ELD documents support – All the documents you need are included in the application form. You can find them in the Help menu. They can also be downloaded and printed from the support page. In addition, customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Compliance with ELD Mandates

Let’s be honest. Driving is exhausting and demanding. The recent rules of the ELD mandate have just raised the level of tension.

As you may already know, Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRD) should be replaced by ELDs no later than December 2019.

In addition to DOT certification, you must ensure that your recorder is FMCSA approved.

Regardless of whether you are a fleet manager or an independent operator facing ELD regulations, Konexial’s ELD solution will be beneficial to you.

My20 is 100% FMCSA certified, so you don’t have to worry about ELD compliance. It includes everything you need to meet FMCSA requirements and more.

Benefits of My20 ELD

  • It has many functions.
  • Easy to use application
  • Easy installation
  • Works like a charm.
    Excellent customer service
  • Cost-effective

Shortcomings of My20 ELD

  • The application tends to change its state by accident.
  • Communication problems

Our Final Assessment

Overall, the My20 ELD is an excellent solution for independent operators and fleet managers in the United States.

While compliance with FMCSA requirements is by far the most important for these people, this electronic recorder is designed to do much more.

It has a number of features such as GPS tracking, DVIR, log auditing, two-way messaging and engine information.

The only thing that makes it unique is dynamic load matching. This allows the driver to look for more loads using his smartphone through HOS. This useful feature also allows shippers to set the right price and find the right capacity.

If you’re looking for a FMCSA-approved, versatile tool to improve your driving experience and increase your earning potential, My20 is for you!

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