BigRoad DashLink ELD – Reviews, Costs, Features

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BigRoad DashLink ELD – Reviews, Costs, Features

BigRoad is a well-known standalone application that allows drivers to keep a log on their mobile phones. More recently, they have added ELD equipment that allows you to connect it to the data of the truck engine. This system is a simple, convenient and affordable option. There aren’t many additional bells and whistles, but it provides easy to use protocol compliance at an affordable price.

For fleets whose in the market for a full-featured telematics solution with enhanced ROI capabilities, this may not be the best solution. But for those requiring simple and convenient ELD compliance, BigRoad is a good choice. Drivers loved the app. The unit is installed every 5 minutes and is therefore very suitable for fleet owners, operators and short-term rentals. The sales and support staff is friendly and familiar with HOS products and regulations. And the best part is that you get a good experience at a good price.

This article will give you a complete overview of BigRoad ELD and BigRoad DashLink for those who believe in an informed purchase. We give you a detailed overview of all aspects. Including usage, availability, advantages and disadvantages, so you can make the perfect choice on your own.

BigRoad ELD Company Overview

BigRoad is one of the known suppliers of Hours of Service (HOS) and compliance solutions in the country.

The company is based in Canada’s very own Silicon Valley. It was established primarily to help truckers comply with HOS regulations in the industry of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV).

With this in mind, the company has recently developed the very first of its regulatory compliant devices, the BigRoad ELD and the BigRoad mobile application.

Since its release, BigRoad Mobile app has received more than 480,000 downloads from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is sufficient proof that this product is a popular ELD solution for a large number of drivers and fleet managers in the country. BigRoad DashLink, on the other hand, is an affordable, scalable and easy to use logging device from this same manufacturer.

BigRoad DashLink ELD Benefits

In addition to the affordable price, there are other reasons why so many American drivers and fleet managers love this ELD. In terms of ease of use, DashLink is a simple plug-and-play device that makes your work easier. This makes installation really simple and easy. Thus, the product is interchangeable between the driver and the vehicle.

The product comes with multiple ports for different diagnostic and OCM installation ports. This makes the product compatible with almost all brands and models of trucks. By connecting your DashLink device to a mobile phone or tablet application, you will have access to a number of useful ELD features and capabilities.

The device is equipped with easy-to-use features to facilitate the recording process. Whether you are a driver or a fleet manager, you will find this product a good choice.

Costs of BigRoad ELD

Initial fee for BigRoad ELD is not charged. However, the monthly fee is about $40 per truck. It is estimated that a three-year contract will cost you a total of $1,440 per truck.

Fleet owners pay only $15 per month for each driver to access the application. If your office also needs access to the application, you will need an additional $15 per month. To use the DashLink ELD product, you will need to pay an additional $10 per month and connect the device to your truck’s diagnostic port.

Advantages of BigRoad ELD

Currently, the DashLink ELD is used by more than 30,000 vehicles in the country. Most of the ELD solution users have expressed their satisfaction with the various features and advantages. What makes the Big Road ELD solution so popular?

Slick Mobile ELD App

As one of the best solutions to bring your own device (BYOD) ELD available today, DashLink comes with a trendy and innovative mobile application.

Thus, the product can be used with any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. A standalone app from the manufacturer can be downloaded free of charge from Apple’s iOS and Google Play stores.

This mobile app may not have too many features, but it provides you with an easy-to-use event log compliance.

As one of the most popular ELD mobile apps to date, the BigRoad Mobile app has a number of advantages, including:

  • Eliminates paperwork in your company – allows the driver to edit and create logs in seconds.
  • Offers several pre-installed sets of HOS rules to meet your needs – you can also take advantage of a number of exceptions to the HOS rules set with this solution.
  • Notifies you of violations that contribute to the score value of your CSA.
  • Indicates how much time is left from driving at any given time.
  • Prevents recording errors and reduces risks.
  • Create accurate and verifiable logs in minutes.
  • Available for iOS and Apple devices.
  • Notify your fleet manager of the need for vehicle maintenance.
  • Creates Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (VDIRs) easily.
  • Organizes the logging and documentation in a central location.

Easy to Use

As a driver, you don’t need a complex or distracting product that distracts you from driving from time to time. In this context, the BigRoad mobile app and DashLink are easy to set up and use for drivers and fleet managers. Basically, the application has a simple and simple basic layout for greater usability.

With this device you have easy access to features such as HOS time remaining, time recording and electronic logs. On the screen, you can use the big button in the upper left corner of the screen to easily set up the status of your work.

The two-way messaging feature is another thing you’ll find easy to use. In this context, you can use the messaging feature to create new chats and even upload documents.

Rich Installation Support

The BigRoad website is a rich source of instructions and tips for installing, using and troubleshooting ELDs. All you need to do is visit the website and download the right guide from the many free travel guides offered by your retailer.

With these guides, you will learn how to install DashLink and perform roadside checks. Other guides from this vendor will tell you how to perform roadside checks using the ELD system.

Pricing Flexibility

As mentioned above, BigRoad DashLink equipment is available free of charge. However, in order to access the vendor’s powerful back-office tools, you need to pay a monthly subscription to the software.

To maintain its reputation as one of the cheapest ELD solutions, the provider offers its users a number of monthly subscriptions.

Depending on your budget and business needs, you can choose the ideal subscription plan from three Big Road plans. Compared to other logging solutions available today, you will find different BigRoad subscription plans relatively cheap.

In this context, below are 3 subscription packages from this provider:

  1. ELD Owner and Operator Compliance Plan ($19.5) – this plan ensures that the ELD mandate and protocols are aligned with the mobile, Internet and ELD application capabilities.
  2. Fleet Management ELD Compliance ($25)
  3. Fleet Management Electronic Logs ($15) – The cheapest monthly subscription from this vendor. It provides access to mobile and web application features.

Real-time Visibility

As a fleet manager, effective planning for every car in your fleet is not an easy task, is it? To do this, you need accurate, real-time information about the various vehicles and their drivers. The Big Road DashLink provides continuous access to important vehicle data and enables you to make operational business decisions.

Real-time visibility of the various vehicles in your fleet is one of the powerful features you will appreciate in this ELD solution. The BigRoad web application allows you to find drivers and view the route history for each of the vehicles in which the DashLink device is installed.

These features also give you traffic information so that you can redirect your drivers to save time and fuel. From the web portal, you can also see at a glance how much each driver has at a glance.

Features of BigRoad DashLink

The best electronic logging device should offer powerful functions and capabilities beyond the scope of logging. Like the BigRoad Dashlink ELD, the best electronic logging solutions should be easy to use by the driver while driving and should not distract his or her attention.

In addition to simplicity, many drivers and fleet managers love this E-Log for its features and capabilities including:

1. An innovative mobile application

The BigRoad DashLink ELD is essentially BYOD. Thus, it allows you to install a mobile application on your own Android or iOS device.

For drivers, it has been demonstrated that this application offers a number of useful features to ensure compliance, security and performance of ELD systems.

The BigRoad Mobile app is one of the most highly rated electronic log applications on the market today and is relatively easy to learn and use.

The uniqueness of the application is that it can be used as a standalone ELD application. In addition, the application can be connected to a supplier’s DashLink ELD. The latter has proven its cost-effectiveness for operators and small fleets.

Some of the main features you will get with this application are electronic logs that are easy to read and display the rest of the HOS operating time.

The non-essential features of this application may not be as powerful, but they are useful for your business. For example, the Google Map Display application can be used to display locations, night scenes, satellite images and traffic information. However, the app does not have a navigation feature. In this respect, some people think the product is more decorative than functional.

Other features that you will find useful in this application include two-way messaging and various ways to create test logs. In this context, you can create your own logs by fax, print or email.

2. GPS tracker

The product is equipped with built-in GPS-sensors to monitor the current position of the vehicle and inform fleet managers. In addition, the device records GPS information that allows you to view the route history for each vehicle in your fleet. Whether you’re using a small or large fleet, this feature maximizes productivity and reduces operating costs.

The easy-to-use BigRoad GPS tracking solution provides better visibility and a real-time overview of your vehicles and employees. As such, the solution has proven to be an effective solution to common fleet problems such as

  • IFTA monitoring and distance reporting
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Enhancing fleet safety
  • Data-based decision-making
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

3. BigRoad Web App

The BigRoad web portal is full of support tools for fleet managers. Fleet management and decision making is like walking through a park. The supplier’s web-based toolkit is easy to use and provides simple and basic fleet management tools.

With this dashboard, dispatchers, managers and owners can use DashLink ELD to view the location of different vehicles in real time.

Again, fleet managers and dispatchers can send instant messages to individual fleet drivers who have installed the Big Road mobile application on their mobile phones. Fleet managers also have access to HOS and DVIR reports for various drivers and fleet vehicles.

This dashboard is designed to optimize your company’s efficiency and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks in your company.

The web-based dashboard also allows you to instantly identify and actively manage potential violations by your drivers. With this portal, fleet managers can respond to violations well before they are detected during the inspection.

To do this, the dashboard allows you to be aware of all vehicles in your fleet.


From accurate and practical reports to simplified basic tools and functions, the BigRoad DashLink ELD is a practical solution for small fleets. The simplicity and affordability of this product is breathtaking.

For drivers, the BigRoad Mobile application offers all the features needed to manage and certify protocols and DVIR. In addition, the application offers many other features to improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

Fleet managers love this product because it simplifies their administrative tasks. In addition to real-time vehicle visualization, the online control panel offers a range of support tools for dispatchers, fleet owners and managers.

BigRoad DashLink ELD is one of the best solutions for operators and small fleets.

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