Fleetmatics Reveal Review

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Fleetmatics Reveal Review

Fleetmatics REVEAL ELD Logbook (now Verizon Connect Reveal) is a fleet management solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

With this truck tracking system, users can see all drivers on the map and automatically detect any vehicle misuse, such as hard braking, hard corning, fast starts and more.

GPS fleet tracking alerts dispatchers and supervisors in real time to dangerous driver behaviour through push-button alarms.

Dispatchers can tell customers the time of arrival because the system provides a dynamic map view of the drivers.

Fleetmatics REVEAL also offers drivers mobile applications for iOS and Android to monitor their performance via their smartphone.

After logging in, drivers can see the company’s vehicles nearby and retrieve their tasks.

The Today View feature shows which stops are scheduled and a dashboard that shows how they are compared to other drivers using measures such as idle, number of stops and speed.

The mobile application allows you to navigate as you go along thanks to Google Maps.

Who Is Fleetmatics?


Fleetmatics is a respected and successful company with a long history as an industry leader in monitoring and telematics. As a subsidiary of Verizon, it has the resources to make serious improvements to its product, and we have every reason to believe that it will do so. But at this time, trucking fleets looking for an ELD should be cautious. This market is not yet the steerage for Fleetmatics and, until some improvements are made, the ELD component of REVEAL feels like a descendant.

In August 2016, Verizon acquired Fleetmatics, a Dublin-based telematics company, for $2.4 billion. Since then, they have integrated Fleetmatics service support teams such as Reveal and Work into the Verizon Connect team and officially transformed Fleetmatics Reveal into Verizon Connect Reveal in March 2018, creating a unique service from its portfolio of fleet management and mobile work solutions. A new field service solution, Verizon Connect Field Service Dispatch, was also launched on August 1, 2019.

Who is Fleet Tracking For?


For fleet owners looking for an easy-to-use vehicle tracking solution that addresses common issues such as high fuel costs, labour productivity, driver safety, compliance and plant safety.

With a range of deployment options and an affordable monthly price, you can take full advantage of a powerful fleet tracking solution from one of the largest telematics providers in the United States.

Fleetmatics Reveal ELD Benefits


ELDs, especially reliable ELDs such as Fleetmatics, offer many advantages to fleet owners. For example, Fleetmatics ELD can do:

  • Simplification and acceleration of driver logs.
  • Provide information to carriers and drivers so that they can easily plan problems and manage fatigue in the workplace.
  • Manage and limit errors.
  • Capture the location and information correctly.
  • Easily monitor the status of the service.
  • Serve as an effective management tool to improve compliance and increase productivity.
  • Reduce paperwork and make driver records clear, accurate and concise.

Overview of Fleetmatics Product Features


  • Fuel Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Real time location of your fleet of vehicles
  • Historical status of each vehicle
  • Preventive Maintenance Information
  • Customer Database
  • Dispatch Management
  • Driver Management
  • Mileage Tracking

Review of Fleetmatics Tracking Software


It is incredibly important to do your research when looking at a GPS fleet tracking provider to ensure you get the best quality service and functionality for what you are paying for. Today, I will review the Fleetmatics platform, equipment and options available to customers. I hope this will help you determine if Fleetmatics is the best choice for your vehicle tracking needs.

Fleetmatics is a full-service GPS tracking service provider that focuses exclusively on fleet vehicles and ensures operational efficiency and compliance with applicable carrier regulations. They offer several levels of service that I will discuss later in this review. Another thing that is worth noting is that Verizon recently acquired Fleetmatics and added it to its growing portfolio of telematics investments. In my opinion, this will only help to ensure the reliability and quality of Fleetmatics’ service by using only the Verizon network.

Software options for Fleetmatics


When it comes to using Fleetmatics software, there are a number of different plans to choose from. The first is Fleetmatics Now, which is essentially a light version of their software for those who only need to know current and historical vehicle location information. The second is Fleetmatics Reveal, which offers advanced features such as custom alerts, geo-fencing, driver identification and more. This allows small businesses to get exactly what they need from a fleet tracking system without paying for functions they do not need.

Fleetmatics GPS software interface


As far as software usability is concerned, the Fleetmatics Now interface is very easy to use and navigate. The Fleetmatics Reveal platform is similar, but may be a little more difficult to use and navigate. It is certainly easier to navigate than the network, but Navixy or Visirun software is much easier than Fleetmatics Reveal. For those who use the more advanced features of Fleetmatics Reveal, navigating the software in some areas such as alerting, geofencing and retrieving certain vehicle information can sometimes be illogical, but overall remains a good option for advanced fleet management.

What Does the Fleetmatics Product Exactly Do?


Fleetmatics Reveal is a GPS fleet tracking system that offers a range of functions that allow you to keep your drivers informed while you follow and optimize your routes. This allows you to monitor a fleet in real time and see which routes are the most efficient. However, with the exception of route planning, this tracking system does not have the same features as some other models in its range (e. g. Fleetio and TomTom Webfleet).

With this amazing system, you can expect to benefit from simple dashboard reports and accurate real-time location. These two things distinguish Fleetmatics Reveal from the others. It also allows you to better understand the driver’s behaviour and gives you a better idea of the health and safety of your vehicles.

Another feature that makes this management solution so popular is the ability to access the software from mobile devices.

How much does a Fleetmatics GPS system cost?


The Fleetmatics pricing vary according to the size of the fleet under management. They provide a cost savings calculator and can provide free demonstrations of product information and potential return on investment. Fleetmatics GPS system prices are available upon request only. They may not be the cheapest, but they are a world-leading brand and the price reflects the quality and functionality of the software and support available.



Overall, Fleetmatics GPS Tracking has received very positive reviews, particularly for its improved functionality and ease of use. It is a highly respected brand, established and equipped with excellent software, and the price of the system reflects this.

Reviews generally reveal a reliable return on investment. Many companies with bad experiences with other brands have chosen Fleetmatics with great success.

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