Omnitracs IVG ELD Review

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Omnitracs IVG ELD Review

As you may know, today Omnitracs is one of the leading providers of ELD compliance solutions.

In this context, the company offers one of the best telemetry solutions of the new generation on the modern market, including XRS, DRC and, of course, the famous Omnitracs IVG ELD. In addition to a robust and reliable electronic recorder, Omnitracs offers its customers a wide range of functions and tools.

If you are looking for the best ELD compliance solution, you will find that Omnitracs IVG is unique. Essentially, ELD offers you a new generation of electronic data logging solutions that are scalable and simplified.

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your profits while reducing your fleet costs, the best-in-class Omnitracs suite of applications will be a great solution for electronic document management.

Omnitracs ELD Review – Know More About the Service Provider

In an increasingly competitive environment, the ELD solution is just as good as the company that supports it. Even before ELD’s mandate was announced, Omnitracs was a respected provider of innovative SaaS fleet management solutions and software for the transport sector.

Over the years, Omnitracs has been helping its valued customers to improve reliability, performance, security, routing and compliance with multimode standards.

The Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) ELD is a clear expression of Omnitracs’ commitment to providing its customers with a competitive advantage. Therefore, the ELD solution offered by Omnitracs is aimed at reducing costs, optimizing processes and increasing the satisfaction of your fleet drivers.

Omnitracs IVG ELD Overview

The Intelligent Vehicle Gateway can be a relatively new product, but it presents the latest technologies for fleet management and compliance with FMCSA requirements. Thus, you will find that this product is superior to a number of other products on the market.

The integrated ELD application delivery system and fleet management system offered by this supplier give you access to a range of advanced features.

For example, the device offers hands-free voice commands, unique wireless connectivity and a relatively large display. In addition, the supplier offers you all the necessary support tools to increase the efficiency, productivity and security of your fleet. In this context, you can say that the supplier has made a breakthrough in commercial vehicle telematics.

Essentially, the Intelligent Vehicle Gateway is designed to provide a single platform for the secure, efficient and rapid deployment of mobile applications for drivers and fleet managers. In this context, Omnitracs IVG will connect car assets to drivers and home office, giving you access to a range of ELD features and the best third party applications in the industry.


Omnitracs IVG ELD Benefits

Most of the electronic logging devices available on the market today are designed to help drivers meet the requirements of the ELD mandate. However, some of the major ELD products offer much more than just compliance.

For example, Omnitracs IVG offers an innovative system for providing mobile services with a single mobile device, impressive performance and functionality.

From this perspective, the IVG device has a number of benefits that benefit both fleet managers and drivers, some of which are mentioned below:

  • This is a proven ELD compliance solution that helps you avoid fines and penalties.
  • Reduces costs and increases the efficiency of your fleet.
  • Helps drivers improve and maintain a good CSA score.
  • The device improves safety and performance of your fleet.
  • Provides a robust single-platform application platform, so no updates are required over time.
  • Omnitracs customer service is fast and easily accessible.
  • Eliminate paperwork in your organization.
  • Use existing integration hooks that do not require a significant investment in IT.
  • Increases customer satisfaction in your company.

As with any modern business, you need a competitive advantage and an effective way to reduce costs in your freight business. As you may have noticed, managing a profitable and compliant road transport business can be challenging.

This is due to relatively high operating costs and tighter regulation. That’s why more and more fleet managers in the country are looking for the best solution to reduce costs while optimizing profitability.

In this context, the IVG ELD solution offers one of the best ways to achieve this goal in today’s industry. The product supports a wide range of applications designed to help you operate efficiently, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements.

With this product installed in your trucks, you will certainly find it easier to build and operate your truck business.

Features of Omnitracs ELD

Regardless of whether you are a driver or a fleet manager, it is recommended that you choose an electronic logging device that provides the best value for money.

To determine this, you need to check what your favorite product can actually do.

Integration, evaluation, programming, custom development, business intelligence and predictive modeling are just some of the aspects that make IVG a practical solution for your company.

This product provides much more than just logging, some of which include:

1.Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Like many of the best electronic logging devices on the market, IVG also offers the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) option. First of all, this product will eliminate the need for DVIR paper in your company.

This will make it easier for your fleet drivers to fill in trailer and vehicle inspection reports. In addition, ELD allows the fleet manager and drivers to access saved VIR reports at any time.

With this product you will also receive timely notifications of all DVIRs that may have unexplained defects in your fleet. This feature will make it easier to troubleshoot your fleet, improve regulatory compliance and increase the safety of your fleet.

2. Logging Hours of Service (HOS)

One of the main requirements for one of the main modern ELD devices is to comply with the ELD mandate. The Omnitracs IVG is no exception to this rule. Not only does the product meet FMCSA requirements, but it is also designed to simplify and improve the accuracy of HOS recording. In this context, the product automates the driver logs to ensure their accuracy, relevance and compliance with FMCSA requirements.

You may not be aware of this, but the inaccurate HOS protocols in your fleet expose the company to a number of risks, including breaches of regulations, higher operating costs, reduced operational efficiency and reduced productivity. With IVG in your trucks, it will never be a problem for you and your company.

3. Fault Monitoring

Many transport companies are already facing problems when planning preventive maintenance of their vehicles. In addition, roadside assistance can be expensive for your company. To help fleet managers reduce maintenance costs, IVG offers fault monitoring. The application monitors the frequent error codes in the installed vehicle.

In addition to detailed diagnostic information, the device sends real-time alerts when error codes are detected. This application allows you to diagnose vehicle faults in advance and take quick action.

This saves your company money in long-term repairs and maintenance.

4. Navigation

The navigation application of the Omnitracs ELD is unique.

Unlike traditional navigation characteristics of other ELDs on the market, IVG is considered to be one of the best road transport systems currently in use.

In addition, this application offers you quick software updates to ensure that the software is always up to date and responsive.

The Omnitracs in-cab navigation system is known for its unique and customizable maps. You will also appreciate the fact that the application has a user-friendly interface.

In this regard, the device provides spoken and visual instructions on each step of the process. With the help of this device installed in your truck, you can also receive alerts about speeding in real time.

5. Critical Event Reporting

Would you like to know how your drivers behave? Almost all fleet owners and managers would like to know that their trucks are always in good hands. So why not invest in an e logging solution that will let you know?

IVG has a critical event reporting application to inform you about your drivers’ dangerous driving habits. The application works by monitoring and reporting critical events such as sudden braking, cornering and acceleration from one of your fleet drivers.

With this application, you can easily identify high-risk drivers in your fleet and take the right action. This increases your company’s safety and efficiency. By improving CSA score, the application makes you cheaper for insurance companies. This allows you to get more affordable insurance premiums from insurance companies.

6. Weigh Station Bypass

If your vehicles lose too much time and efficiency in your company, does Omnitracs IVG also help bypass up to 98% of weigh stations? To do this, IVG integrates Weigh Station Bypass of Drivewyze.

No additional equipment or data plan is required to bypass the weight stations and Drivewyze inspection points.

The Drivewyze® PreClear weigh station bypass system offered by this unit supports more than 700 facilities in Canada and the United States of America. This gives your drivers a better chance of bypassing more weigh stations than any other weight bypass solution on the market.

With this solution, your drivers can bypass up to 98% of all weigh stations in the country. As you can imagine, this has a number of advantages to support your business, including:

  • Save time and money – save fuel during frequent stops and prevent unproductive wastage of time by drivers in the field.
  • Improve vehicle safety – By bypassing weighing stations, you avoid risky lane switching from drivers to weighing stations. The service allows drivers to be safer by staying on the main line.
  • Reduces a number of weigh station problems – depending on the operator’s security clearance, this service gives you access to Drivewyze-supported locations.
  • Improved driver recruitment and retention – statistical results show that approximately 65% of drivers are more likely to receive free services. It also increases the likelihood that drivers will choose your company over others.
  • Enables faster load delivery – bypassing a large number of inspection and weighing stations, the service gives you a competitive edge. This is because it allows your drivers to achieve their goals faster than they could have done without the application.
  • Provides business intelligence reports – the first time you implement this service, you get a detailed report on how much time your vehicles do not need to spend at weigh stations. These reports will help you make data-based decisions for your company.
  • Works for both mobile inspection stations and fixed scales – Drivewyze is a more versatile solution than other weighing station bypass services. In this context, the service allows your drivers to bypass fixed weighing stations and pop-up inspection points along their routes.

7. Media Manager

Omnitracs ELD’s Media Manager is an innovative solution to help fleet managers remotely deliver important information to their drivers. You’ll find that this is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with your fleet drivers.

In this context, the app allows you to share a range of media for drivers, including video, audio and PDF files.

By providing reliable communication between drivers and fleet managers, the application improves driver knowledge, satisfaction, productivity and safety.

8. Trailer Tracking

Do you want to actively manage your fleet’s risks and increase customer satisfaction?

Well, today you have to invest in the Omnitracs Intelligent Gateway. In addition to the other attractive features of this solution described above, you will also like the Trailer Tracking software.

This software provides real-time information on the status and location of trailers in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Although the GPS function constantly shows where the cab and trailer are located, there are also several other sensors in the device. These sensors inform about whether and when the trailer doors are open or closed.

The sensors also inform you that the load is missing or present in the trailer at any time.

This contributes significantly to the protection of your vehicle’s load. According to the International Cargo Security Council, approximately $10 billion worth of cargo is damaged or stolen annually during transit.

Thus, you need an effective solution to control the cargo in your vehicles. With this software at your disposal, you can increase customer satisfaction in your company. Over the years, this software has proven to offer a number of benefits to drivers and fleet managers, including:

  • Excellent visibility of assets in real time
  • Enhancing cargo security
  • Unmatched ease of use
  • Individual integration with Omnitracs driver workflow
  • Improvement of production
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

9. Driver Workflow

Driver Workflow is an IVG-based application for integration with dispatching systems. This integration enables the automation and shortening of the operating time of the driver-dispatcher communication system.

With this application, every driver in your fleet can now get the information they need in real time. This solution has proven effective in improving the interaction between drivers and dispatchers and improving fleet efficiency.

While reliable communication in your fleet is important, your preferred solution should also minimize distractions for greater safety. In this context, the Omnitracs driver workflow uses a user-friendly text-to-speech function.

This makes it easy for drivers to use this feature without being distracted from the road. It also provides ready-to-use and automated forms for drivers. This allows the conductors to fill important foams quickly and easily when they are needed.

The application also supports two-way messaging, facilitating the exchange of travel information and status updates between dispatchers and drivers. By integrating with dispatching software and automated messaging, this application can help you reduce your fleet’s operating costs.

Our Final Verdict on Omnitracs ELD

The best electronic logging device should meet the requirements and contribute to the productivity, efficiency and safety of your fleet.

While some of the most popular ELD solutions on the market are only good recording and compliance solutions, Omnitracs IVG does it all. This product is specifically designed to improve safety, reliability, and ease of use.

From simple installation to intuitive applications, from intuitive notifications to an easy-to-use intelligent voice interface, IVG is a pioneer in the industry.

As you learned during this review, the Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) is your reliable, cost-effective and useful electronic logging device solution.

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